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Frankly speaking, all those against reservations as a whole are fools. Reservations for SC, ST and OBC are all not the same. Historically, reservations became a point of contention in politics after OBC category came up which is a whimsical category. SC and ST communities have been looked down on and are still looked down on till today. Now, some here, reading this may already be figuratively beating their chests and say, " There are poor people in every community! It should be economic reservation!" Do you folks even give it a thought on what you mean by economic? Economics takes into consideration not just money value, you wannabe geniuses. It takes into account phenomena and behavioural aspects of humanity. SC and ST communities have been outcasted because of horrible superstitious ideas of ''Oh but we come from the chest or head of God and you come from the feet of God and thus, you are lower" and clear historical accounts of horrible laws like the Criminal Tribes Act which deemed all members of a particular community as criminals. One such community was the Meena community in Rajasthan. That's why they're given ST reservations today. They generations have been denied proper education and such.

Now, one may still argue, "What about the poor people of the general category?" There already are affirmative action schemes. So many central and state government scheme. Some here may say then, "What about the rich SC/ST then?" Social discrimination trumps monetary levels. A clear example of this is how some North Eastern people, not rich but neither in poverty still get ridiculed, made fun of, looked down on, etc for their epicanthic features. "But how does that justify reservations?" Reservations my dear readers, is alloting seats and anyone from those communities who apply will get documented and known so that those involved in admissions into jobs, education, etc rejecting these people based on racial grounds will come under the ambit and view of investigations and probes required. If you think people don't get rejected based on racial grounds or looked down on, you only have to look at the several number of researches already done on it. Racial discrimination still happens though and one more thing, SC and ST communities, have got education and other developments very late while the general categories have reaped the fruits of the Green revolition, Liberalization of the economy and many other developments far far ealier. While there is no doubt poor SC/ST and poor general category people as well as rich General category people and rich SC/ST people, the SC/ST community as a whole is discriminated up to such degrees some general category readers or even OBC readers here may never have even faced such things. Being made fun on the roads, mocked in the market place while buying groceries, etc and the scary thing is that such bad attitudes do lead to lesser opportunities in being paid well or being chosen for jobs, etc. As for OBC reservations which take up the major bulk of around 25%, such communities haven't historically been discriminated against so the only thing left are some considerations regarding monetary income levels which is exactly why they have such a thing as a creamy level but of course, that's what some people screaming here meant right? Wow! You wanted economic reservations whereby you defined economics as income you go, OBC reservations but why not include everyone then in this reservations? Because again, even poor general category people have affirmative action in other forms but not in the form of reservations. But hey, who's the one with lack of knowledge and arguing for something that is already partly in place? So next time you want to be anti-reservation let alone SC and ST reservations and remember that affirmative action is required in our highly unequal opportunity society with a lot of income disparity as well as varying social statuses.

Oh and yes, as for merit based allocation. That's one of the most laughable points considering we have several education boards with several marking systems and even then there are still very sketchy cases of admissions. Look at the Bihar board for instance. And as for jobs? There have been lots of cases of people, general or SC/ST/OBC, having their papers corrected in a shady manner to have them get into or rejected for govt jobs. Merit! Woah. Wonderful nice word to use right? Merit is highly subjective and the objective markings we have in place is in itself not even up to the mark. Compare a Bengal Board student with 85% with a 90% student of CBSE. Hah!....really. You anti-reservation folks need to really deliberate more on your own stance. Have you people even realized that central universities with cut offs very high such as 97% or 98% or even 99% cut offs base if off from the CBSE and other central board results? It inflates with the marks of CBSE board results.

Read again the above paragraphs because it addresses all the points of the Anti-Reservation unreasonably angry crowds. The only logical stance one can have is that Reservations can't be altogether opposed nor supported to run on forever but some alternative or some changes can be brought about.

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